Teamtalk for Windows

Windows XP, Vista & 7

Teamtalk for Mac

Mac OS X 10.5 and above

Truly cross platform Instant messenger

Teamtalk is your own private instant messenger. Built for business with security in mind. Easy file sharing, remote desktop, screen-shot sharing and code syntax highlighting are the standard features. Download it today for your business.

How does Teamtalk work

Teamtalk gives you a closed user group instant messaging system. You don't have to manage individual contact lists, everyone in the team sees everyone else. The administrator invites people to the group, and manages other settings for the account.

Inviting your team

Email invitations are sent out to members of the team, by the administrator. After that team members join the group where they can set their name and status and use all the other features for collaboration.

Your Teamtalk account

Your teamtalk account is linked to your email address along with a password that you choose. This also decides which group you belong to. You can manage your settings online, with direct links from your client.

Ideal for teams that need a closed group productive chat tool

Up & Running in minutes

Customer Talk

"I think you have a wonderful product. Simple and clean interface, both for WIN & MAC (and we use both in our company), this is a great product at a great price."   
Claudio Bacchi, Red Logistics
"Up and running in minutes. Simple but powerful chat application. Exactly what we were looking for. Backed by solid online support."   Bill McDonald, UK