Feature packed with ease of use

Build for teams of all sizes, teamtalk gets beyond text messaging. There is no better way for teams to interact.

Remote Desktop

Cross Platform

Painless Screenshots

Easy File Sharing

Syntax Highlighting

Groups & Conference

Feature packed office messenger

Teamtalk is your own private instant messenger. Built for business with security in mind. Easy file sharing, remote desktop, screen-shot sharing and code syntax highlighting are the standard features.

Text Messaging

Direct one-to-one IM, group conferences, selective and group-wide broadcast messages.

Screen shots

Share images of your desktop, application windows, or even parts of both with your teammates.

Send files or directories

Transfer multiple files or entire directories directly to your teammates.

Remote desktop

Directly access, if permitted, another's computer to work there. Much easier than trying to explain problems over chat.

Secure architecture

Teamtalk uses SSL and bank vault grade encryption for all your communications. What's more it lets you verify our claims by studying our open source client.


Group frequently contacted teammates easily to start conferences with a click, or to send broadcast messages to.

Source highlighting

Automatic source code language detection and highlighting in chat and conference windows.

Ideal for teams that need a closed group productive chat tool

Up & Running in minutes

Customer Talk

"I think you have a wonderful product. Simple and clean interface, both for WIN & MAC (and we use both in our company), this is a great product at a great price."   
Claudio Bacchi, Red Logistics
"Up and running in minutes. Simple but powerful chat application. Exactly what we were looking for. Backed by solid online support."   Bill McDonald, UK